The Phase Vision Quartz Scanner is the 3D Non-Contact Measurement solution of choice for an increasing number of industrial users. Robust, portable and flexible, the Quartz Scanner can measure up to 2.2m x 2.2m in a single scan, allowing the rapid measurement of large components in either a factory or laboratory environment, with accuracy capability to better than 50μm for dimensional features. Originally designed for aircraft hangar use, the Quartz Scanner can be adapted for integrated measurement cell applications for a range of industries. Phase Vision's GEM Studio system software, powered by patented SmartFringe technology, can meet the challenge of variable ambient light conditions and reflective component surfaces, either of which can cause problems for other optical measurement systems. Available in 2 basic formats - 800DBE and 1200DBE - the Quartz Scanner can be specified with hardware accessories and analysis software to match the requirements of your measurement application.

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• Typical component size 50mm -1500mm in length (larger parts can be measured with multiple scans)
• Typical accuracy of better than 50μm within a measurement volume of up to 1700mm x 1700mm x 1700mm

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• Typical component size 500mm - 2000mm in length (larger parts can be measured with multiple scans)
• Typical accuracy of 50μm within a measurement volume of up to 2200mm x 2200mm x 2200mm

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Non-contact Doesn't mark or deform the part
3D Measurement Captures data over the full surface, not just a cross-section profile
Large Measurement Envelope Measurement automotive / aerospace parts of up to 2m easily, over 2m with multiple scans
High Speed Data Acquisition Quick & cost-effective to use
High Resolution Rich data set delivers a more comprehensive measurement result
10μm - 100μm Accuracy (VDI 2634/2) Metrology performanced matched to process / component requirements
3μm Repeatability Ensures reliable measurements results
Scalability Single system, many uses
Shopfloor compatible, portable Convenient and simple to use in demanding environments. Can be integrated within custom test / assembly cells.
Resilient to shiny surfaces and ambient lighting conditions Measures "challenging" surfaces & materials (e.g. carbon fibre, shiny surfaces), and adaptable to a range of measurement site conditions